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Vladimir Vanja Bojovic (1987) is a music artist from Nova Varos (Serbia). Till now, he created over 400 songs intended for numerous purposes. Taking into consideration his tendency to experiment in music, his work can’t be specified, on the other hand he finds exploring in Jazz-Electronic-Classical music most inspirational. For the period of 2006-2008 he was recruited by the Amsterdam Cyber Theater, and he made music for two shows: "Slaughterhouse Five" and "Sokocalo Project". What should be pointed out as well, is the speed. He created 11 themes (with loads of sound effects) for the ACT (Slaughterhouse Five) in 4 days, and the music was highly rated. He creates music for: bands, TV shows, movies, commercials...more or less for any occasion. In his work, Vladimir is using a number of programs, which is practical for the reason that all operating expenses that are to be excepted in traditional way of composing (musicians, time, and so on…), are low-priced, and you get outstanding production quality. Vladimir is a team member of an artistic group called SET (Studio for electronic theater). In fact, “Slaughterhouse Five” came about as an invention of this group, and it was very well-received in Belgrade, and later on at the conference in Cambridge. More information on digital theater and its purpose you can find here: www.setlab.eu
If you'd like to hear some of Vanja's music, make use of these links:

E-mail: bvanja.87@gmail.com


In "Slaughterhouse Five", or "The Children's Crusade", Vonnegut delivers a complete treatise on the World War II bombing of Dresden. The main character, Billy Pilgrim, is a very young infantry scout who was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and quartered in a Dresden slaughterhouse where he and other prisoners were employed in the production of a vitamin supplement for pregnant women. During the February 13, 1945, firebombing by Allied aircraft, the prisoners take shelter in an underground meat locker. When they emerge, the city has been leveled and they are forced to dig corpses out of the rubble. The story of Billy Pilgrim is the story of Kurt Vonnegut who was captured and survived the firestorm in which 135,000 civilians perished. Summing up the theme of "Slaughterhouse Five", Robert Scholes wrote: "Be kind. Don't hurt. Death is coming for all of us anyway, and it is better to be Lot's wife looking back through salty eyes than the Deity that destroyed those cities of the plain in order to save them"..."

» taken from www.openarcfest.org «


"Sokocalo (Gadget) Project" represents a collective, interdisciplinary artistic experimentation of the group of artists and scientists organized in Amsterdam Cyber Theatre - ACT. In the year 2001 the Delft University of Technology started with the development of a new sensor system designed for application in art, called Smart Art Sensor System. In 2005, the first phase of the project was successfully conducted. Chosen from among many other artistic institutions, ACT was awarded the privilege to be the first and, up till now, exclusive user of this cutting edge piece of technology. "Sokocalo" is a term invented by the Tarabic prophets who lived in 19th century in Kremna village, nearby Uzice. The Tarabic used the term ‘Sokocalo’ to describe a ‘gadget’, weird device they have seen in their dreams. Inspired by their Prophecy, ACT (re)constructs that extraordinary prophetic machine and the story surrounding it..."

» taken from www.openarcfest.org «

PROJECT ALPHA 2008 - Electronic music

Storyline: the performers are highly developed robots known as ECNART- s. In view of the fact that their continued existence depends upon human positive energy, their core function is to give them satisfaction,  as a result they create a special sector, intended for: analyzing humans, collecting their emotions, thoughts…hence the album’s title - "Human sector" - What makes this project “fruitful” is its commercial aspect and the fact that different music styles can be brought into play. The center of attention is live staging, in Vladimir’s opinion; true effectiveness of this music will be achieved once joined with correct stage activities (appearance of musicians, their movement while performing and etcetera). 


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